10 Tips for New Bloggers

There are probably too many posts and blogs about blogging, and I tremble at the thought of piling on. I’m an accountant, and would prefer to stick to what I know. Nonetheless, in just 18 months of blogging I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed intriguing success :

  • This site is a number one link for several generic Google searches.
  • Average of 469 views a day this month. Daily views increase about 40% a month.
  • Average views per visitor ranges from about 2 to 2.4
  • An online presence leading to authorship of Managerial Accounting for Dummies and
  • An affiliation with Answers.com

While I’m certainly not Seth Godin or Daily Kos, nor do I have any delusions about becoming a leading blogger, I think most people would agree that I’ve done pretty well. Here are my tips:

  1. Start cheap. I can’t recommend wordpress.com strongly enough.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t pay extra money for custom design, search engine visibility, etc. But take care to buy your domain name (like accountinator.com).
  3. Know your reader. Who are you writing fot? Think of people you know who would be interested in reading the blog, and how they would react to your articles.
  4. Add value. Write about a topic that you are uniquely qualified to write about, and that will help others.
  5. Forget money. Focus on giving value to your audience, not on how you’re going to take value from them. As a new blogger, I tried a few advertising systems, and never broke the required minimum for payment.
  6. Don’t worry about traffic. When I moved to WordPress in January 2012, I had 35 visits in the whole month. The month of February increased to 467, which is the same as my daily traffic now. It takes time to build traffic.
  7. Write well. Proper grammar and effective style speak towards your professionalism and expertise.
  8. Read the blogs for bloggers. Darren Rowse seems like the unofficial dean of bloggers, and is well worth reading.
  9. Write evergreen posts. Try to write posts that will last forever.
  10. Engage. Correspond with your readers. Read and respond to comments.

For me at least, these have been some of the most important strategies I’ve used to build up the blog. If you have other ideas or tips, please add them in the comments below.

Thanks for your help building this blog.

2 thoughts on “10 Tips for New Bloggers

  1. Mark,

    As a blogger myself, I can attest to the wisdom of these tips and have pretty much followed the same type of path. The one I would maybe add is to find a friendly soul who can advise, support, and/or just plain cheer you on. Blogging can be very lonely in the beginning.

    And I think we both have too much hair to be Seth Godin!

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