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Running any business requires multi-tasking using a ridiculously wide range of skills.  How do you keep track of it all?  How do you know what’s most important, and how can you focus on what’s most important? In his landmark book 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Stephen Covey explains that we need to separate the […]
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As you make spending decisions in your business, you need a thorough knowledge of how they will affect your taxes.  Here is what I hope will be the first of a series of posts about business expenses and tax deductions.  The IRS defines four categories of expenses. 1. Business Expenses These are considered: ordinary (common […]
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Always deposit checks and cash into the bank as soon as possible.  When you receive a check in the mail, endorse it with “for deposit only” and then run to the bank to deposit it. Choose a bank with conveniently-located branches. Buy an endorsement stamp that says “for deposit only” with your company name.  Keep […]
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If your business has been losing a lot of money for a long time, the IRS could call it a hobby and stop you from deducting your losses. Key to avoiding the “hobby” status is that your business earns a profit in three out of the last five years, including the most recent year.  Here […]
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If you don’t like getting sued, incorporation can save you a great deal of aggravation. First of all, let me say that I’m not a lawyer, I don’t pretend to be a lawyer, and I have no intention of becoming a lawyer (much to the disappointment of my mother).  And “a fool is his own […]
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A healthy start up business must be flexible and ready for unexpected changes in demand. Key to building this flexibility into your business is to minimize fixed costs and overhead. First of all, what are fixed costs? A fixed cost is any cost that will remain the same, regardless of changes in your sales volume. […]
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This simple spreadsheet in Google Docs allows you to easily and quickly keep the books for a simple business. Simple Instructions1. In the Simple Accounts page, enter your beginning bank balance in the “Cash” column under “Opening Balance.” For each transaction:2. Enter the date under the “Date” column. 3. Enter a description in the “Description” […]
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