New iPad app

I love my iPad, and I was thrilled to see that has finally released a Universal App suitable for it. I regularly use to track my personal finance, and I especially like that it is free, and that it requires very little effort. will automatically classify your income and expense items for you, though you may occasionally need to make a few minor adjustments.  The site is especially good for budgeting, allowing you to compare your actual spending to budget anytime.  It also provides very nice data visualization.

The iPhone app has been very convenient.  It permits you to check your spending on the fly, wherever you are.  However, it never fully took advantage of the iPad interface.

All of the features of the website are in the Universal app, but the graphics and pull-down menus now take advantage of the iPad interface.

This being the first version, there are sure  a few rough edges. One I found is that it is difficult to reassign categories to expenses. For a given expense, I’ll assign a category, but the program seems to ignore me.

If your personal finances are in disarray, check it out.  It’s free: you have nothing to lose.

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