10 business lessons to learn from the Piligrims

In honor of Thanksgiving:

  1. resolve http://rehearserecord.com/43561-methocarbamol-canada.html Don’t be afraid to try something new.  If England is not working out, try the New World.  If your job isn’t working out, try a new one.
  2. http://intelligencetech.co/42502-female-viagra-price-in-india.html Eat healthy. Eat organically-grown whole grains and free-range poultry.
  3. http://ourhousehomecare.net/78181-differin-gel-uk.html Keep an abundance mentality.  Wealth is not something that must be seized from others, nor is it something to be envied.  Rather, we can share and grow wealthy together. 
  4. http://fitelyse.com/16990-buy-acyclovir.html diagram Stick with it.  The winter is long and cold, especially without gas or electric.  No matter how cold and miserable you may feel, pursue your goals and don’t quit.
  5. convey http://nchristopherson.com/93861-mucopain-gel-price.html Make clear commitments.  Before you go into business with your friends, agree to a Mayflower Compact, explaining what each person’s rights and responsibilities will be.
  6. Work hard.  New Worlds don’t build themselves, and neither do new enterprises.
  7. Stand by your principles.  If you can’t practice your faith in Europe, then leave.
  8. Plan carefully.  Plan long in advance for what you will grow, and where, and how much you need.  
  9. Be kind to your neighbors.  You will need to live with the Native Americans for a long time.  It’s a good idea to regularly sit down and break bread with them.
  10. Be thankful.  Who is rich?  He who is happy with his lot.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

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