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I have been a college professor for 16 years, and I often ponder how the benefits of a college education exceed the costs. First, the costs: Four (or more) years of your life. A lot of money, especially in a private University. The opportunity costs – money you would have made if you had been […]
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I’m 44 years old and grew up with an Atari 400 that my parents bought at Crazy Eddie.  And so I’m not exactly the most social-media savvy person I’ve ever met.  In fact, I don’t own a smartphone and never used Facebook until last week.  All of the different sites have been confusing me.  Furthermore, […]
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I prepared the following Google Docs spreadsheet template to help you prepare a cash budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aie72K_tO2WedDFuZWVzT25IVERWTnFYdVQtQlhvSlE Here is a video explaining how to use it: If you find this post helpful, please let me know in the comment box below.
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Equity is the portion of a business that belongs to owners. Quite frankly, “book equity,” the difference between your written assets and liabilities, is not terribly useful to web entrepreneurs  because our businesses usually have few assets on the books.  We like to take advantage of Section 179 write-offs.  Furthermore, as I’ve written before, web […]
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I previously wrote that the Pareto Principle dictates that 20% of yourtime and expenses will drive 80% of your revenues. Focus on that 20% and don’tworry about the rest. I have 120 itemson my to-do list today.  I can’t possibly do it all. However, 20% of thoseitems are important and will help me meet my […]
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Yes, folks, today is National Accounting Day. I like to observe Accounting Day by reflecting on the importance of Accounting, and how it affects our everyday lives.  Many people think of Accounting in terms of taxes, and they don’t like taxes, and hence, don’t like Accounting either.  But I respectfully disagree.   Accounting is the language […]
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