I’m a little concerned that if I show you my own strategic management and accounting, I will drift off into post-modern self-referential irony.  Okay, let’s just call this teaching by example.

My mission is to show you how to keep books and records for your online business, quick and cheap. Oh wait, that’s not a mission, it’s a strategy.  Actually, my real mission is to earn money.

My strategy:

Content: Publish daily posts that are useful to the readers explaining how to keep books and records for online businesses.  Each post should be brief (200 words or less), clear, interesting, and useful to readers.

Marketing: To attract web traffic, I will participate in other social media, and write guest blogs.

Revenue: Add revenue-producing items, such as advertising and an online bookstore.  Add e-books useful to readers.

Right now, I am focusing only on content.  Therefore, I will track only one measure:

  1. Number of posts (ideally one per day)

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