Time to think

Stop and think. When I was working on my PhD, I had the good fortune to be a student of Prof. Bill Kinney, one of the most-respected academics in the field of Accounting. Bill Kinney taught us to shave.  Yes, that’s right.  To shave.

Pentsakor. Reflexing
Pentsakor. Reflexing by larbelaitz, on Flickr
Bill said that to be a successful researcher (something about which he knows a great deal) you need to stop “working” and start thinking.  Thinking doesn’t mean sitting at a computer.  It could mean shaving, driving, working out, or anything else that will help you assemble your thoughts.
Two Birds, One Blade
Two Birds, One Blade by RLHyde, on Flickr

Thinking has long been a defining value of IBM.  It has helped IBM survive and thrive in one of the most turbulent and disruptive industries we know.

Another teacher of mine, Prof. Michael Reuter, says that you need to set aside time in your schedule not to accomplish tasks, but rather to think about what that you’re doing. Close your door, shut out the rest of the world, and think.
Entrepreneurs have a great deal to think about.  We need to think of new products that no one else has thought of, to think of smarter ways to market those products, and to think of better ways to make and deliver our products.

Get to work.  I mean stop your work, and think.

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