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It is critically important for you to properly use quality cost information when making basic decisions about your business, such as pricing your goods and planning your sales volume.  Over the past few posts, I’ve explained how to determine fixed costs, variable costs, and contribution margin.  If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to […]
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I’ve already written about fixed and variable costs.  Now let me warn you:  profit or net income is a great way to measure your performance.  However, it can also cause you to make bone-headed decisions. For example, suppose that you run a bus service between Newark and Pittsburgh.  Adding up the driver salary, gasoline, taxes, […]
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Variable costs are costs that change with sales volume.  The greater your sales, the greater your variable costs. I’ll continue using the example of a candy store from my fixed cost post.  I previously explained that fixed costs are do not change with sales volume, such as rent or utilities.  In that same candy store, […]
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 A fixed cost is any cost that will remain the same, regardless of changes in your sales volume. For example, suppose you own a candy store.  Your fixed costs would include: rent utilities (electric and gas) employee salaries maintenance because each of these costs would remain the same regardless of how much (or how little) […]
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Apple stock is at an all-time high.  And how inspirational is the story of Wozniak and Jobs working in their garage, inventing the home computer? What is most exciting about Apple, however, is the way that Apple has almost eliminated the need for assets or fixed costs. Think about the old record business.  (I’m old […]
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It’s tax time. But wait – you say – it’s not April 15!* You should have received all the paperwork you need.  Now is the time to sit down and figure your tax return. Why not wait until the last minute for such a miserable and unpleasant task?  Because you have probably paid most of […]
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I’ve seen one or two deals that offer systems to get rich quick.  Too many of these are on the web.  It sounds enticing.  Work two hours a week from home, and soon you’ll earn a few thousand dollars a month until you can quit your day job. I’m all for getting rich quick.  I’m […]
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Your business is built on the accounting equation: Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity Assets are what your business owns.  Liabilities are what your business owes.  The difference between these what you – the owner – actually own: owner’s equity. Suppose your business has $100,000 in assets and $30,000 in liabilities.  Then $70,000 of your […]
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