It’s time to do your taxes


It’s tax time.

But wait – you say – it’s not April 15!*

You should have received all the paperwork you need.  Now is the time to sit down and figure your tax return.

Why not wait until the last minute for such a miserable and unpleasant task?  Because you have probably paid most of your taxes already.  The sooner you file your tax return, the sooner you’ll get your refund.

But what if you owe taxes?  Then figure your taxes now to see how much you owe.  If a payment is due, then you can wait until the filing deadline (April 17).

What if you are using a professional preparer?  Tax professionals get inundated with last-minute returns.  If you submit your paperwork now, your tax professional should be able to turn your returns around quickly.

Get to work!

* This year the tax filing deadline will be April 17, 2012.

[Image: 🙁 by hacky, on Flickr]

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