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What’s your goal? How can you measure progress towards meeting your goal? These are practical questions – not only does every business person need goals, but they also need to measure progress. I’ll give you a simple example. I’m blogging. My current goal is to get people to read my blog. I measure my performance […]
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As an investor, should you reinvest dividends? There are several benefits to reinvesting dividends: avoiding commissions and fees on buying more stock; helping you to save money and reinvest it in your portfolio; encouraging you to reinvest money into the “winning” stocks that pay dividends. In short, unless you need the money for a more […]
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Dividends are distributions of profits to stockholders.  Corporations pay dividends; dividends paid by partnerships and sole proprietorships are called “withdrawals” or “drawings.” “Dividends” generally refer to cash dividends, cash payments to stockholders as a distribution of their profits.  After all, profits belong to the stockholders. “Stock dividends” actually refer to distributions of stock, when companies […]
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Revenues are inflows earned from your customers. The key factor to understanding revenues is understanding that you must earn them.  To earn a revenue, you must provide whatever service or product it is that you provide to your customers.  For example, if you sell yoga equipment through an e-commerce site, then you will earn revenues as […]
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