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I’ve written a few posts about minimizing expenses and assets. This is not to say that you can or should build a business out of thin air. You can’t do that. If it were possible, then everyone would be doing it, and we would all be rich. To build a successful business, you must invest […]
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I’m a big fan of Tim “4-hour” Ferriss.  Perhaps one of the most interesting hacks in his “4-hour”series is to do what you are good at, and what you enjoy, and (spoiler alert!) outsource the rest. Okay, perhaps I’m not doing “4-hour” justice.  Let me explain: David Ricardo (Wikipedia) David Ricardo, economist extraordinaire, taught the […]
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Many people think that they should just leave accounting to the accountants. After all, you can always hire an accountant. In fact, every person in business should know and understand accounting because it is the very language of business. Doing business without understanding accounting is like trying to fix your car without tools,  going to […]
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Can you set up your business as a church? Before I proceed, however, please reread the fine-print at the bottom of every blog post. And let me summarize what it says: I’m not telling you to break any laws. I’m not teaching you to take advantage of any tax loopholes, or trying to help you […]
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This past summer, I took my boys on a cross-country road trip.  We drove from New Jersey, cross-country to Yellowstone National Park, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon (North and South Rims), and through Texas to Florida, and then back to good old New Jersey. beyond by Genista, on Flickr […]
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Watching TV late at night and learning how to flipping houses, might lead you to think that real business seems a lot like playing Monopoly(tm). After all, the object of Monopoly is to buy as many properties as you can and end the game with the most money. Sounds like a sound formula for early retirement, […]
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It’s on sale! Just $39.99! People tend to classify prices into “price points.”  For example, when planning to buy a new gadget, you will probably  decide to spend “about $100” or “about $500.”  You will definitely not decide to spend exactly $453.45, to the penny.  You’ll have a rough idea of how much you want […]
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