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Interpreting and Analyzing Financial Statements focuses on helping you to understand how to use financial statements. While we wrote it specifically for an introductory college accounting course, anyone interested in learning how to read and analyze financial statements should benefit from reading it.
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Description: Article covers issues and tips that business owners should be aware of while doing their accounts in-house. Many business owners are caught between outsourcing their bookkeeping versus preparing their accounts in-house. The conflict arises if the business owner does not have either the necessary skills to do the work himself or does not have […]
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When faced with a decision, opportunity costs are the costs of foregoing income from choosing one alternative instead of another. For example, suppose that you are trying to decide whether to Go out for lunch in a restaurant today or Bring lunch and eat it at your desk. Lunch costs $2.00 to make. Lunch in […]
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Regularly trading items on eBay could be a taxable business, subject to income taxes, but benefiting from many great tax deductions. How do you know if your eBay business is taxable?  If you sometimes buy items, use them, and then occasionally resell them on eBay, then your transactions are like an online Garage Sale – […]
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Accountinator seems to be floundering lately. Here are my hits: Not so great, eh? My biggest challenge has been to write uniquely new content. Here is what are looking for: “Balance Sheet explained” is my most popular topic, followed by bookkeeping spreadsheets and templates. For the coming month, I think I’m going to elaborate on […]
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