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I love Dropbox. Dropbox backs up all of my files and makes them available everywhere I work – on my iPad and on both my PC’s. No carrying around thumb drives, no forgetting to back up. Everything is everywhere all of the time. Sometimes I e-mail links to my files directly from my iPad. I’ve […]
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The income statement is a financial statement that measures a company’s profitability.  It is sometimes called: Statement of income Statement of earnings Statement of operations Profit and loss statement The basic formula for the income statement is: Revenues – expenses = net income Income statements are usually prepared using the accrual basis.  The largest expense […]
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People often confuse assets with expenses.  This is because both assets and expenses use up your funds – these are things you can spend money on. Assets provide a future benefit to your business.  They help bring in future revenues and profits.  Assets appear on the balance sheet. For example, inventory is an asset. Expenses […]
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Your online business must have an accounting system.  It can be sophisticated, or it can be very simple, but you need one.  Your accounting system will: keep track of critical tax information provide a scorecard of useful information to help you track your performance prevent errors and fraud. If I’ve not persuaded you so far, […]
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From Wikimedia Commons One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is managing inventory in a productive way. First of all, what is inventory?  These are the products that you have purchased which you plan to resell to customers. One new-wave approach to inventory management is “made-to-order.”  This means that you produce products […]
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I’m experimenting with a new blog, which I called Freaking Important.  This is a productivity blog. The title come from Stephen M. Covey, who says that we should focus on the “important” things, and not just the “urgent.” Anyway, I’m using the blog to clean out my backlog on the ol’ to-do list. I had […]
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An asset is something that: you have paid for and you expect to benefit from in the future. Cash is an asset.  So is merchandise held for sale.  So is a receivable, money owed to you by a customer.  Larger assets can include a car that you own or real estate.  Even a software program […]
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I have three rules for managing cash flow: Collect sales as early as possible. Pay bills as late as possible. Plan carefully. Rule 1: Collect sales as early as possible. E-commerce companies typically collect payment before providiing services.  For example, online subscriptions typically collect payment before the customer can access the product.  As long as […]
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