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I’m a big fan of the note-writing and sharing app, Evernote. As a professor, a University administrator, a husband, and a father, I am constantly receiving tasks and little pieces of information that I’m expected to keep track of and complete, sooner or later.  Evernote allows me to keep a collection of to-do lists for […]
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Current assets are assets deemed to be liquid enough to be converted to cash within one year or less. The balance sheet reports current assets above noncurrent assets. Types Current assets include: Cash and cash equivalents Short-term investments Accounts receivable Merchandise inventory Prepaid assets Understanding liquidity Liquidity is defined as how easily an asset can be […]
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Noncurrent assets are assets that are not deemed to be liquid enough to be converted to cash within one year or less. They are listed in the balance sheet below current assets. Types of noncurrent assets Property, plant, and equipment Long-term investments Goodwill Copyrights, trademarks, and other intangible assets Noncurrent assets and operating cycles Noncurrent assets […]
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Got too much work to handle? Take it one piece at a time, applying the four D’s: Delete, Do it, Delegate, or Defer. In today’s workplace we constantly face a barrage of tasks. How do you prioritize them and get things done? Simple. Apply the four D’s! Whether you’re dealing with e-mail, snail mail, meetings, or tasks […]
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