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Solvency is a company’s ability to pay its debts. You can quickly measure solvency by comparing a company’s assets with its liabilities.  If liabilities exceed assets, then the company is probably insolvent. Regrettably, the balance sheet does reliably measure the value of assets. Many assets are measured at historical cost.  If you paid $200,000 for a piece […]
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There’s much ado these days about Zynga.  I love Zynga’s model of selling “virtual” products which just happen to be costless.  It’s equivalent to selling bottled water or canned air. Another interesting aspect of Zynga is the whale phenomenon.   A small population of Zynga’s customers account for the vast majority of its revenues.  In Zynga’s case, […]
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In business parlance, goodwill is friendly, helpful or cooperative feelings or attitude.  The accounting definition is quite different, and the source of much confusion. Goodwill, an asset on the balance sheet, is additional value recorded when one company acquires another.  It is measured as the difference between the purchase price of the acquisition, and the […]
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Like most people, I like free stuff.  So I figured I would check out the free offer over at TurboTax. This software is only free if your taxes are simple (no business income, no itemized deductions, and you don’t need step-by-step instructions) and you owe no state income tax.  Otherwise, you will need to pay […]
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President Obama signed the next payroll tax cut into law.  This means that you will continue to pay 2% less social security tax for the remainder of this year. The tax cut amounts to about $80/month for an employee earning $50,000 a year, and as much as $2200/year for better-paid employees. Self-employed taxpayers will enjoy […]
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It is critically important for you to properly use quality cost information when making basic decisions about your business, such as pricing your goods and planning your sales volume.  Over the past few posts, I’ve explained how to determine fixed costs, variable costs, and contribution margin.  If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to […]
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I’ve already written about fixed and variable costs.  Now let me warn you:  profit or net income is a great way to measure your performance.  However, it can also cause you to make bone-headed decisions. For example, suppose that you run a bus service between Newark and Pittsburgh.  Adding up the driver salary, gasoline, taxes, […]
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Variable costs are costs that change with sales volume.  The greater your sales, the greater your variable costs. I’ll continue using the example of a candy store from my fixed cost post.  I previously explained that fixed costs are do not change with sales volume, such as rent or utilities.  In that same candy store, […]
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