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If you buy a long-lived asset, you will expense the cost of that asset over its useful life.  This is called depreciation. For example, suppose that Your Airline buys an Airbus A380 for $400 million dollars.  You do not need to record an expense for the cost of this aircraft in the year that you […]
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Long-lived assets are land, buildings, equipment, vehicles, and other property that you use to make money for your business.  These are purchased with the intention of owning them and using them for many years.  They are also referred to as Property, plant and equipment, or “PP&E.” Horse racing by Paolo Camera, on Flickr Business people […]
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Accounts receivable is money owed to you by your customers for merchandise purchased. It is a current asset reported on your balance sheet. Understanding accounts receivable Suppose you are a wholesaler who ships merchandise in truckloads to your customers.  You ship goods to customers’ loading docks, where workers can unload the trucks.  Here’s the problem: those […]
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The purpose of THE ACCOUNTINATOR is to teach you to do your own accounting – quick, cheap, and easy. But what is accounting?  Why do you need to know it?  How should you learn it? P ã e s * B r e a d sby Renata Diem, on Flickr What is accounting? I’ll start […]
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I prepared the following Google Docs spreadsheet template to help you prepare a cash budget: Here is a video explaining how to use it: If you find this post helpful, please let me know in the comment box below.
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Equity is the portion of a business that belongs to owners. Quite frankly, “book equity,” the difference between your written assets and liabilities, is not terribly useful to web entrepreneurs  because our businesses usually have few assets on the books.  We like to take advantage of Section 179 write-offs.  Furthermore, as I’ve written before, web […]
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Yes, folks, today is National Accounting Day. I like to observe Accounting Day by reflecting on the importance of Accounting, and how it affects our everyday lives.  Many people think of Accounting in terms of taxes, and they don’t like taxes, and hence, don’t like Accounting either.  But I respectfully disagree.   Accounting is the language […]
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Liabilities are future sacrifices that your business will be required to make.  In your books, you must record any liabilities for moneys that you owe.  For example, a credit card purchase creates a liability; you owe the money. There is another kind of liability, however, which is more insidious.  This is a monthly cost which […]
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