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The proverb goes like this: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” In stock-picking, they call it “diversification.”  You should own 6-10 different stocks, in different industries, rather than focusing on a single company, industry or sector. The same rule applies to running your own business.  To build and grow a secure business, diversify. […]
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I love Dropbox. Dropbox backs up all of my files and makes them available everywhere I work – on my iPad and on both my PC’s. No carrying around thumb drives, no forgetting to back up. Everything is everywhere all of the time. Sometimes I e-mail links to my files directly from my iPad. I’ve […]
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From Wikimedia Commons One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is managing inventory in a productive way. First of all, what is inventory?  These are the products that you have purchased which you plan to resell to customers. One new-wave approach to inventory management is “made-to-order.”  This means that you produce products […]
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I have three rules for managing cash flow: Collect sales as early as possible. Pay bills as late as possible. Plan carefully. Rule 1: Collect sales as early as possible. E-commerce companies typically collect payment before providiing services.  For example, online subscriptions typically collect payment before the customer can access the product.  As long as […]
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Unfortunately, most new businesses fail. Inevitably, the product isn’t quite what the customer is looking for, or the price is too low to make a profit, or the price is too high, or supplies are limited, or an ex runs away with the cash box, or the rent becomes unaffordable, a competitor learns how to do […]
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Save the planet. Don’t keep drawers full of paperwork.  Instead, scan whatever papers you need into your hard drive.  Benefits: Save trees Find your files more easily Avoid losing important papers in a disaster Takes up less physical space More convenient access to your files Develop a simple filing system. Set up folders to naturally […]
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Cash is easily concealed.  It is untraceable and once lost, is not recoverable.  Carrying large amounts of cash make you a target for theft, but could also suspect you of money-laundering.  Therefore, always take extreme caution when handling cash. Here’s the basic rule: always deposit cash in the bank as soon as possible.   The […]
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I wrote previously about constraints and how you can take advantage of them.  But how can you isolate and exploit a constraint? First of all, identify your constraint.   Here are some possible constraints: You have very little time to work on your business. Your production capacity is limited. Your store has limited floor space. […]
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Typically a body-builder would focus on whichever muscle is weakest, and work, work, work that muscle until it is strong. So, too, for the entrepreneur.  You should know all about your business’s challenges and constraints, isolate them, and focus on them.  This is where you will make the most progress. Suppose that your business is […]
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