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This video explains debits and credits.  It should help accounting students and especially anyone interested in learning bookkeeping.  Enjoy: [I’m especially proud of the closed-captioning.  Check it out.]
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This is third in my series of GnuCash purchases videos.  Before you watch this, watch “How to record vendor names in GnuCash” and “How to record vendor bills in GnuCash.” This video shows you how to record vendor payments using open-source GnuCash software:
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This is the second in my series of GnuCash videos explaining how to record purchases.  Before you watch it, view the earlier video, How to record vendor names in GnuCash. This video shows you how to record vendor bills:
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Here is another installment in my ongoing series on GnuCash.  This video shows you how to record vendor names in GnuCash:.  You will need to record vendor names in order to record purchases and later payments to vendors (topics to be covered later this week).
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In my ongoing series on GnuCash, this video shows you how to record cash payments received after you have billed a customer.  (If you haven’t already done so, first watch the previous video showing how to record sales invoices.)
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Use sales invoices when you wish to bill a customer so that you can receive payment later.  This YouTube video shows you how to record sales invoices using GnuCash:
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Here is the blog you have been waiting for: The monthly reckoning. How much money I lost on this blog so far! Before I begin, let me tell you that I bought Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, which I am finding very helpful.  There are many aspects to blogging and social […]
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Yesterday I showed you how to record cash in GnuCash.  The other basic transaction that you need to know is the expense.  Here we go again!  Quick, cheap, and easy: If you pay many expenses to many different companies, or if your business keeps its own cash account, then you will want to take advantage […]
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