Directions on using my excel template

My excel template provides a simple means for an at-home business to keep books:

Here’s a new video to explain how to use it.

27 thoughts on “Directions on using my excel template

  1. Hello Mark, & thank you for taking the time to put together this spreadsheet for we spreadsheet novices..My (newly married) wife & I have a house we rent out, (her old one) & your excel worksheet seems ideal. But there are many columns that we have no need of, & when I went to print out my document, my printer spat out 43 pages!
    Can you tell me how to remove the extraneous columns so I don’t waste so much paper? I tried to just delete a column, but got an error message that prevented me closing the program entirely for a while.
    thanks for any suggestions you may have, Barry

  2. You know there should be a donate link so you could love a more comprehensive form and reports. Its a great addition to my new business but I would like to see it develop as time passes and would pay to do so.

    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks. I don’t think Excel or Google Docs is well-suited to keep more sophisticated records. If you need financial statements, billing, inventory management, etc., then it’s a good idea to get a real accounting program. If you’re averse to buying a commercial package, try GnuCash.

  3. Love the program and its working fine but why does it place ###### when I put the transaction date in?

    • The column isn’t wide enough for the date. Make the column wider by going to the top of the page, click on the right edge of the column and hold down the mouse, and then schlep the cursor towards the right.

  4. Hi there, I just seen that on occasion this website displays a 403 server error message. I figured you would like to know. Best wishes

    • I moved the server a month ago – this shouldn’t be happening. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Thanks for sharing your excel template. It’s a big help in tracking down some of the items that go into this little business I have at home. There are a few columns though that I don’t need and have deleted them.

  6. At times when I need some information or some help with my small enterprise I usually look into some related business website. Am I glad I visited yours! Thanks. Your template’s a timely aid.

  7. Hi Mark,
    Just wanted to let you know I love your spreadsheet. My wife is starting her business but I am bookkeeper for her! Thanks so much for an amazing simple program to get us started!

  8. A curious problem occurred half way through using this spreadsheet. I watch the Oops appear as I enter a figure and then it disappears when I put the corresponding entry in – fine I like and understand that OK. The Oops appears in the line and also in the shaded section (line 2).
    The problem has occurred when entering a figure at line 21. I want to enter a minus sum of (831.48). When I enter the corresponding amount correctly, the red oops on the line disappear, but the oops at line 2 remains. If I change the amount to a lesser or greater figure it sometimes clears OK and sometimes not, depending on the amount. Now why would this be?

  9. Well it sums up automatically. All I’m doing is entering figures from my bank account showing an initial sum borrowed and then listing what I spent it on for my records. When I click on the red Oops in box A2 it gives the description
    The figures work out OK so I can’t see why its giving the oops. I kept a copy of the sheet when this issue first came up. If you were interested, I could email it across. Otherwise, its not a problem because the totals are working out fine.

  10. Sir, it works fine. But, some columns in the Account sheet do not produce correct result in report. I mean that in Account Sheet column total does not reflect in report.What should I do?

    • Without seeing your spreadsheet, it’s hard for me to figure out what’s wrong. Have you inserted or deleted any columns or rows?

  11. I just switched to your spreadsheet yesterday after months of struggling with QB. It’s very user friendly! I’m trying to enter a expense refund for a purchase I had to return. I’m not sure how to enter that. All the ways I’ve tried so far says “oops”. Any advice? THANKS!

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