How much does that smartphone really cost you?

Your smartphone probably costs more than you think, according to the this infographic from In 2010, the average smartphone cost $760 per year. Add to that $608/year in accessories, apps, and other costs, so that the average consumer easily pays well over $200 per month just for cell service. I don’t like monthly costs because you pay them, no matter what. Don’t be fooled by deals that give you an iPhone or Galaxy for $99. Over its two-year life, that phone may very well cost you over $2,000. It will lower your bank balance every month.

If can’t survive without a smartphone, then take advantage of discount cell phone providers. They usually use the same facilities as the “name brand” providers.  As for me, I use a stupidphone, er, I mean a feature phone, without any data plan. To get e-mail on the run, I carry an iPod touch, which catches a Wi-Fi signal most places I go.


Smartphone or Dinner Infographic

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