How much TurboTax actually cost me: $22.27 above budget

As I wrote before, I was planning to use TurboTax to prepare my taxes.  I’m quite cynical about all of the extra charges that Intuit hits you with and figured that it would cost me $73.97.

I wound up using TurboTax for the iPad.  Federal filing (including e-filing) cost $49.95.  State filing (including e-filing) cost $39.99.  I was also charged sales tax of 7%.  Total cost came to $96.24, which was $22.27 above budget.  This was the cost e-filing, which I hadn’t originally considered.

TurboTax for iPad worked well.  There were several easy ways to download my prior year’s tax return onto the iPad.  Waiting times weren’t too long.  I didn’t encounter any bugs or apparent errors.  The input of business expenses was somewhat awkward because I was unwilling to pay extra for an upgraded version.

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