How to record payments collected in GnuCash

In my ongoing series on GnuCash, this video shows you how to record cash payments received after you have billed a customer.  (If you haven’t already done so, first watch the previous video showing how to record sales invoices.)

0 thoughts on “How to record payments collected in GnuCash

  1. Hey — thanks for the outstanding introduction to gnucash! I was wondering, for receiving check payments, do you create a “to be deposited account” and then transfer the payments to that account to the actual bank account when you make a deposit? Also, do you create a report from gnucash to print the deposit slip — or manually fill the slip out? I was wondering if gnucash had a function or procedure similar to quickbooks, etc. for processing payments? Thanks! 😉

  2. Thanks for the very fast response 😉 I appreciate it. If I come up with any way to create a deposit slip custom report I’ll let you know. Have a good weekend, Steve

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