Introduction to Google Drive Spreadsheets

I just posted a new video, giving an introduction to Google Drive Spreadsheets. It explains how to create a file, enter data, and enter formulas. It also shows you around Google Drive Spreadsheets.

Check it out.

6 thoughts on “Introduction to Google Drive Spreadsheets

  1. This is a great intro, Mark. Thanks for making the video. One thing to note is that I have found G-docs seems to work best in Chrome. Internet Explorer can be a little tricky and Fire Fox seems to have quirks as well. Chrome is the best. Great post!

  2. Thanks for posting your tutorial on gradebook spreadsheets (“Keeping Your Gradebook in Google Drive”) to YouTube. It was very clear and easy to follow!

  3. i like your google doc for gradebook. I am trying to use it for my history summer class high school, but have a problem copy and pasting the E3 formula for the rest of the column(c) under Grade. the doc won’t let me copy and paste. any tips to undo docs refusal to copy and paste?

    • Hi Charles!

      The document is a write-protected template available for whoever would like to use it.

      To use it, make a duplicate for yourself, and then edit.

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