Monthly reckoning

Accountinator seems to be floundering lately. Here are my hits:

Not so great, eh? My biggest challenge has been to write uniquely new content. Here is what are looking for:

“Balance Sheet explained” is my most popular topic, followed by bookkeeping spreadsheets and templates. For the coming month, I think I’m going to elaborate on these topics.

Freaking Accountant also flounders. I experimented with infographics in accounting. No one seems to be interested in that. Now I’m blogging about the novel Pale King, arguably the greatest novel about accounting ever written, which seems to be attracting less interest than infographics in accounting.

I started another blog, Freaking Important, about personal organization and prioritization. I’ve seen significant demand for this type of information online, and I think I have unique insights into getting things done. So far, the blog gets one hit every day or two.

I’ve earned $2.98 in advertising commissions from

If readership in one blog alone is down, then why work on three? For one thing, diversification. For another thing, all of my content is evergreen – I’m accumulating a body of work which should continue to build search engine attention.

Lest you think my forays into social media are a complete failure, let me share with you some of the successes:

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