November 30, 2011 reckoning

Here is the blog you have been waiting for: The monthly reckoning. How much money I lost on this blog so far!

Before I begin, let me tell you that I bought Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, which I am finding very helpful.  There are many aspects to blogging and social media that I am unfamiliar with.  The book walks you through it all, one small step at a time.

Here is how I accounted for my purchase it in GnuCash:

In this video you can also see my financial results for the Blog so far.  My income statement shows that so far I’m running a $156 net loss without any revenues:

Screen capture from GnuCash

Here is my balance sheet.  So far, I’ve invested $156.16 in capital, all of which was absorbed by my net loss:

Another screen capture from GnuCash

On the non-financial measures:

  • My Klout score has increased from low 20’s to 32.
  • There are now 56 posts on the Accountinator blog.
  • I have 114 followers in Twitter.
  • 569 pageviews in November
  • Most popular post (23 hits): Social Media is Complicated 2.

Financial plan for December (quick and simple)

  • Start AdSense.  I’m not going to plan for any revenue to come from it quite yet.  (When budgeting, always err on the side of caution.)
  • Reactivate my CPA license.  I can reactivate it by taking 24 hours of training and then paying a fee to New York State.
    • I plan to purchase the training materials ($260)
    • I think that the New York State fee is about $250.  
Therefore, I expect to spend about $510 on the Accountinator this month.

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