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An asset is something that:

  • you have paid for and
  • you expect to benefit from in the future.

Cash is an asset.  So is merchandise held for sale.  So is a receivable, money owed to you by a customer.  Larger assets can include a car that you own or real estate.  Even a software program or website design that you paid for can be an asset.

Critical to the idea of an asset is that you expect to benefit from it in the future.  If something loses its value (for example, your merchandise becomes spoiled), then the benefit will disappear and it is no longer an asset.  It becomes an expense.

When you are trying to decide whether to buy a new asset (such as one of those slick buy Misoprostol online made in america), consider how it will increase revenue and profits for your business.  If it won’t increase revenue and profit, then don’t buy it.

Business-wise, we like assets because they produce revenue and profits.

Tax-wise, we are not so crazy about assets because you usually can’t deduct them immediately.


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buy Misoprostol online canadaI have three rules for managing cash flow:

  1. Collect sales as early as possible.
  2. Pay bills as late as possible.
  3. Plan carefully.
Rule 1: Collect sales as early as possible.
E-commerce companies typically collect payment before providiing services.  For example, online subscriptions typically collect payment before the customer can access the product.  As long as your customers are willing to go along with it, this is a great thing.

It is also a common strategy in the online world to give things away for buy Misoprostol online with no perscription.  But such freebies usually cost nothing to reproduce (e-books, etc.).  Do not risk giving away costly products before you get paid for them.  And (even more importantly) don’t risk not getting paid for services and products that cost you money.

Rule 2: Pay bills as late as possible.
When you buy goods and services, suppliers will often permit you to pay your bills 30 or even 60 days after you receive the goods.  Take advantage of these policies.  Pay these bills on the last date possible before they become overdue – not sooner, not later.  A consistent history of on-time payments will help build positive relationships with your suppliers.
Rule 3: Plan carefully
Plan your future cash flows two or three months into the future.  Create a spreadsheet with the following columns:

Date | Description | Increase (Decrease) | Balance

Then list the cash flows that you realistically expect to come in and go out over the next few months.
Watch the “balance” column – if it goes negative, then you need an additional positive cash flow to avoid an overdraft.

buy Misoprostol online with no prescription, I posted a simple Google Docs Spreadsheet Template to plan cash flows, and a video explaining how to use it.

[Image: Day 4 – Paying off debt by quaziefoto, on Flickr]

If you find this post helpful, please let me know in the comment box below.


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buying Misoprostol onlineSelf-employment tax can eat up a huge chunk of your income (up to 13.3%). 

Here is how to calculate self-employment tax for a self-employed individual operating as a sole proprietorship.
The two components of self-employment tax are social security tax and medicare tax:
In 2012, Social security tax is 10.4% of the first $106,800 in your business’ net income. If you earned wages or tips (aside from your self-employment income), then you pay social security tax only on the first $106,800 of your combined wages, tips, and business net income.
Medicare tax is 2.9% of all of your business’ income.
A few simple examples to illustrate:
Joe earned $60,000 in net income from his business, and nothing else.  This is subject to Social security tax (10.4%) and Medicare tax (2.9%).
$60,000 x (10.4% + 2.9%) = $7,980
Mary earned $150,000 in wages and $60,000 from her business.  The employee’s share of social security tax will be deducted from her paycheck, meeting the $106,800 maximum.  The $60,000 earned from her business will be subject only to Medicare tax (2.9%).
$60,000 x 2.9% = $1,740

buying Misoprostol online without prescriptionearned $75,000 in wages and $60,000 from their business.  The employee’s share of social security tax will again be deducted from her $75,000 paycheck.  Because the $106,800 maximum has not been met, then the remaining business income, up to the maximum ($106,800 – 75,000) is subject to both Social security tax and Medicare tax.  Business income exceeding $106,800 will be subject only to Medicare tax.
$106,800 – $75,000 = $31,800 subject to both Social security & Medicare
$31,800 x (10.4% + 2.9%) = $4,229.
$60,000 – $31,800 = $28,200 subject only to Medicare
$28,200 x 2.9% = $818
$4,229 + $818 = $5,047.
Self-employment tax is regressive: the more money you make, the lower the rate you pay.  If you have no additional job, then you will pay the highest rate of taxes on your self-employment income ($7,980, or 13.3%) whereas if you have a well-paying $150,000/year job, then you will pay the lowest rate of taxes on your self-employment income (just $1,740, or 2.9%).
As if this isn’t sufficiently complicated, 50% of your self-employment tax is deductible for purposes of figuring your Adjusted Net Income (but not as a business expense).
Legislation alert: If a bill to renew the current rate reduction is not passed, then Social security will pop back up to 12.4% on January 1, 2013, for a combined rate self-employment tax rate of 15.3%.  This 2% tax increase will also hit employees’ wages.
Be careful to plan for self-employment tax when computing your can i buy Misoprostol online.
[Image: H23 BB00934850 * …my $100 ‘star note’ by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³, on Flickr]

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cheap MisoprostolUnfortunately, most new businesses fail. Inevitably, the product isn’t quite what the customer is looking for, or the price is too low to make a profit, or the price is too high, or supplies are limited, or an ex runs away with the cash box, or the rent becomes unaffordable, a competitor learns how to do whatever you do cheaper and faster, or the Feds take you down.  Chances are more likely than not that, when someone starts a business, someone or something is going to come along and end it all.  That’s life.

This is why some new businesses could be so extraordinarily profitable.  There is risk in starting a new business – great risk – and with that risk will come reward for the lucky few who succeed (ex. Mark Zuckerberg).  For every Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, there are thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who failed.

So how do you manage?

First, accept from the outset that statistics show that you will probably fail.  I’m sure you’re special but the statistics say that you will probably fail anyway.  Sorry.

Now take the challenge head on.  Think about what could go wrong, and then proactively address it.

  • Customers might not like your product.  Now address the risk:  Make sure that your product has a customer base.
  • Your ex might run away with your cash box.  Now address it:  Lock your cash away in a safe place.
  • You are concerned that your product is illegal.  Now address it: Get legal help.

Consider all of the risks and then address them as best you can.  The earlier that you identify and address problems, the more likely you will be able to successfully manage them.

Furthermore, don’t take unnecessary risks.  Don’t invest more time or money in your business than you have to.  Don’t buy five computers if you only need one and don’t buy expensive high speed computers if a basic model will do the trick.  The statistics show that for every minute and every penny that you spend working on your business, you will not reap any profits.  So don’t spent more time or money on your business than you have to.  Here’s the test: “If I fail, (and I probably will fail) will I regret investing in this?  Will I regret spending time on it?”  If the answer to either question is yes, then spend your time and money elsewhere.

So then, if you’re probably going to fail, and you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks, then why bother starting a business?

Do it for it’s own sake.  Do it because it’s fun, it’s educational, and it’s exciting.  Do it because you enjoy it.  Invest money because you want to – you want to see if you can do it.  Take risks because you want to see what happens.  Invest yourself into the task so that, whatever the outcome, whether you turn out rich or poor, you can say that you enjoyed the ride.

It’s like going to Las Vegas.  The odds are stacked against you – you will probably lose – so why bother?  Because the games are darned fun to play, that’s why.

And if you fail (as you probably will)?  Then don’t quit.  Learn from your experience and try again.

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John Brown’s Farmhouse
by Tony the Misfit, on Flickr

Interest on your home mortgage is deductible from your taxes if generic Misoprostol no prescription.  The mortgage must be secured by your home or your second home.

Mortgage interest paid to individuals (such as a relative) are also tax deductible.

Home equity loans (“second mortgages”) taken for home improvements are also usually tax deductible.  However, home equity loans taken to pay other expenses (such as buying a car) are subject to generic Misoprostol from india.

Most points paid on mortgages are also tax deductible.

The rules here get quite complicated.  generic Misoprostol online no prescription

Oh, and by the way, tax deductible or not, never take out a loan that you won’t be able to pay back.


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Suppose that your child got to write their own report card. At the end of the semester, the child figures out their grades, writes them down, and then mails them to their parents.  How would the parent know that the grades were free of bias or error?

Such is the issue with financial statements.  Reported directly by managers, financial statements provide a “report card” of managers’ performance.  Corporate managers prepare their own report cards.  How can you, the investor, be assured that those financial statements are free of bias or error?

Enter the independent auditor.  The independent auditor goes through the books and issues a statement (called the auditor letter) that they were prepared in accordance with how to order Misoprostol, that they were properly prepared and can be relied upon by investors.

In the US, Independent auditors are firms of how to purchase isotretinoin, who are specifically licensed to conduct audits.  The largest CPA firms are called the “Big Four:” I need to order isotretinoin without presciption and order it COD, i need to order Misoprostol without a prescription, i want to buy pregnizone without a prescription, and india Misoprostol.  Many other CPA firms are qualified to conduct audits, and similar audits are typically conducted all over the world.  This is an international system.

Audits must be prepared in accordance with indian Misoprostol.  Public companies (those traded on a stock exchange) in the US must also comply with the “is it legal to buy Misoprostol online” and the Misoprostol online no prescription 200 mcg.

Who audits the auditors?  The auditors use a system of professional review, where different audit firms check each others’ work.  Auditors are also subject to review by the PCAOB.  They are legally responsible for their audits.

This system of independent audits is controversial.  Scandals like at low price rx online website Misoprostol and mail order Misoprostol have plagued the accounting profession, and may have been caused by fundamental flaws in the audit system.  Auditors rely on statistical probabilities, so that they do not check and double-check every single transaction.  This means that, in any independent audit, there is a small probability of failure, i.e. that the financial statements are not accurate and cannot be relied upon.

[Image: boy, with homework by woodleywonderworks, on Flickr]


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online pharmacy Misoprostol no prescriptionIt’s not difficult to become an accountant.

In my 15 years as an accounting professor, I’ve had the good fortune to help prepare thousands students for the accounting profession.  Many of them probably never considered accounting until they started to study it.

Careers in accounting provide online pharmacy no prescription Misoprostol.  Opportunities abound in public accounting firms, private companies, government, and even not-for-profit organizations.  While online pharmacy Misoprostol might be the stereotypical accountant, in reality accountants go places, advance, and meet people.  While they must know how to “crunch numbers,” they must also know how to work with others.

This is not going to sound politically correct, but key here is to earn the order Misoprostol online.  In most states, this can be accomplished by:

  • completing 150 hours of course work usually with a bachelor’s degree plus additional college credits.
  • passing the order Misoprostol online no prescription, and
  • completing an experience requirement.

Each state has its own requirements. Here is a list of order Misoprostol online overnight shipping.  Keep in mind that many states offer reciprocity – you can become certified in one state, and then recognized in another.  Therefore, you can get licensed in a state other than the one where you live.

What if you already have a college degree and you started a different career, but are thinking of switching to accounting?  Do you need to start all over?

Absolutely not.  Most states will let you take the CPA exam and get certified with a Masters of Science degree, which can often be completed in less than two years, part-time.  Many states will even let you take a simple series of courses to qualify to take the exam.  Furthermore, Masters of Science programs will offer recruiting opportunities and help you set up interviews for your first job.  The most rigorous programs are usually accredited by the order generic Misoprostol online no prescription.  (BTW, in case you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, here is order Misoprostol mastercard.)

In summary, if you’re looking for a satisfying, secure, and well-paying position, and you want to get started within two years, accounting may be the right field for you.

[Image: winnie 014 accountant kitty is not amused by apium, on Flickr]


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Previously I wrote about the common misperception that a high-priced stock is “expensive,” while a low-priced stock is “cheap.”  I said that pharmacy where you can purchase.

This raises the inevitable question:

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A. Use the Price-Earnings Ratio (aka the “PE Ratio”)

The PE ratio is computed by dividing the stock market price by Misoprostol without prescription*. But it’s not that complicated: PE Ratio is often listed near the stock price.  For example, check out Misoprostol 20 mcg without a prescription.  As I write this on April 20 it is 16.75.  That means each dollar of net income will cost you $16.75 worth of stock.

An average PE Ratio these days seems to be in the mid-teens.  You can consider high PE’s to be expensive and lower PE’s to be cheap.  Therefore, Apple stock, compared to its earnings, is just about average.  That’s right: Apple stock, trading at $593.85, is moderately-priced!  (Pre-disclaimer – please read this whole article before calling your stock broker.)

Misoprostol 200mcg tablets express shipping‘s stock price is $24.85 right now.  But its PE ratio is just 8.77.  Each dollar of net income will cost you just $8.77 worth of stock.  Hewlett-Packard stock, compared to its earnings, is cheap.

Misoprostol buy no prescription‘s stock price is $16.07 right now.  PE Ratio is a low 8.52.  Dell and Hewlett-Packard’s PE ratios may be so similar because the companies’ products are so similar.

Misoprostol cheap on online is trading at $602.24 today.  PE ratio is a moderate 18.25.

Let’s check out some other industries.

Misoprostol from mexico is trading at $85.44 a share. PE Ratio is 10.15.  Misoprostol no perscription required is trading at $73.52.  PE Ratio? a low 8.19.

Misoprostol no prescription needed 20mcg is trading at $113.71 a share right now.  PE Ratio is a moderate 16.82.  Citigroup is cheaper.  While the stock is trading at $34.68, the PE Ratio is just 9.67.

Misoprostol no prescription overnight delivery is trading at $118.975 today.  Think that’s expensive?  Think again.  The PE Ratio is a moderate-to-high 19.14.  Investors are willing to pay a little something extra to have Warren Buffet working for them.

Let’s look at some really high PE’s:

Mall retailer Misoprostol no rx in us‘s stock price is $48.71.  PE is a high 34.44.  That’s expensive.

Misoprostol no script  makes cranes and food service equipment. Its stock is trading at just $14.64 but its PE Ratio is a humongous 71.62.  “Low” stock price, high PE: an expensive stock.

While the PE Ratio is good measure for how expensive a stock is, it does not explain why the stock is expensive or cheap.  A stock could be expensive (with a high PE) because investors are so frenzied to buy it that they don’t care about its performance – an obvious sign to stay away.  It could also be expensive because investors have high expectations for the company – a good reason to buy.

And a stock could be cheap (low PE) because investors undervalue the company’s performance – this would be a good opportunity to buy low now and sell high later.  On the other hand, the stock could be cheap because it is a really bad investment.  It could go either way.  Take a look at Dell and Hewlett-Packard.  Their PE’s could be low because investors undervalue these companies’ prospects, or because they’re not good investments.

BTW: No one should ever make big money decisions based on what some stranger posts on the internet.  This blog was not written to give you advice to buy or sell any stocks.    I don’t own any of these stocks right now.  Follow this blog, read other blogs, read books, check out Misoprostol online no prescription and overnight, educate yourself, make your own decisions, and make your own money.  Etc. etc. etc.

*  You can use earnings per share for the past year, or even a prediction of earnings per share for the coming year.

[Image: $5700 by AMagill, on Flickr]


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Accountinator! Say it isn't true!

That’s right. The fact remains:

Stock price does not matter.


Many people think that the higher a stock price, the more “expensive” a stock.  The lower the stock price, the “cheaper” a stock.  Right now, as I write this (on April 19, 2012), Misoprostol without prescriptions in usa stock is trading at $595.55 a share.  Misoprostol without script is at $606.66 a share.  Misoprostol 20 mcg without prescription is at $118,700 a share.  On the other hand, prescribing Misoprostol tablets australia is at $13.55.  problems with buying Misoprostol without rx is at $3.86.  purchace Misoprostol online is at 88 cents.  purchase Misoprostol online.

Judging that a stock priced over $100 is “expensive,” while a stock priced below $20 or even below $1 is “cheap,” is a dangerously simplistic approach to investing.  In fact, from an investor’s point of view, Apple stock ($595.55 a share today) looks “cheap,” while Nokia ($3.86) is “expensive.”

You see, stock shares are a way of splitting up a company into equal pieces that can be sold to shareholders.  The actual number of shares issued is actually quite arbitrary.  Therefore, you may have a small company split up into many many shares; this would result in a “low” price because each share is pretty small.  On the other hand, you may have a large company split up into very few shares; this would result in a “high” price because each share is very large.  Think of a large pizza pie split into two slices, and a small pizza pie split into 32 slices.  Would you describe the two large slices each as “expensive” and the 32 small slices each as “cheap?”

Therefore, to truly judge whether a stock is “expensive” or “cheap,” don’t just look at the stock price.  Consider what you’re getting for your money.  How large a share of the company does your stock actually represent?  purchase generic Misoprostol online I will show you how to determine that Apple is actually quite cheap, and Dell is actually exorbitantly expensive.

[Image: Shout 2 by andrew_mc_d, on Flickr]