Update to Accountinator Spreadsheet

I’ve posted an updated version of the Accountinator spreadsheet.

If you already use the existing spreadsheet and get inappropriate “oops” cells, then you may wish to update to this new version. You can copy and paste your existing data into the new version, or copy the “oops” cells in column “A” from the new version into your existing document.


18 thoughts on “Update to Accountinator Spreadsheet

  1. I happened upon this while searching templates. I am aware of my shortcomings and my frustrations and fears regarding doing our bookkeeping for our trucking operation. The bottom line is: I hate the industry and I hate the work it takes to manage financial statements for tax time. Thus, we are severely behind and in trouble. So far, I have downloaded this Accountinator Spreadsheet three times as I work through each month, and wow…. This is really nice! Very helpful! The only wish I have is that there would be a sheet available specifically for trucking businesses, as many columns on here are never going to be used, yet there are a few that could stand to be on there. Can I edit any of the columns and find it also edited on the report?

  2. Hi accountinator,
    thanks for sharing this spreadsheet. Really helpful.

    I’ve two questions:

    1. On the Report sheet, what’s the difference between the value shown in “Cash balance” (cell C4) and the “Net Income (loss)” (cell C33). It seems it always show the same value on both cells, no matter what.

    2. Why are negative values shown between parenthesis instead of just showing them with the minor symbol in front (and, maybe, in red)? This question is, mostly, out of curiosity.

    Thanks again.

    • Back for answering myself:

      1. On the Report sheet, what’s the difference between the value shown in “Cash balance” (cell C4) and the “Net Income (loss)” (cell C33)? It seems it always show the same value on both cells, no matter what.

      The values are different for “Net Income (loss)” and “Cash balance” if the “Initial Balance” (cell D3) has some value.

      • In accounting, cash flow and net income are not necessarily the same thing. In this particular spreadsheet, cash balance may be different from income because the cash balance includes any starting balance in cash. Net income would not include this amount.

    • Hi Julian,

      The cash balance includes not only the change in cash, but also the starting balance in cash. Net income does not include the starting balance in cash.

      In accounting, negative numbers are usually listed in parentheses and in red. I’m not sure why accountants do it this way.

      Thanks for the post, and sorry for the late response.

  3. How do I post a computer purchase in the Accountinator spreadsheet? Let’s say the cash price is $999 and the depreciation period is 3 years (can I do that?) then what do I enter where?

    • Record adjustments in the individual columns that are affected. However, if you need to use double-entry accounting, with assets and liabilities (such as accrued expenses payable), the spreadsheet is not really equipped to handle that. You need real accounting software (sorry).

  4. Thank you so much for that video. I am having a hard time with this, but one three minute video got me so far. Thanks!

  5. I have a side business where I buy product from a company, mark it up and resale it to my customers. I would like to be able to track an accounts receivable column on your spreadsheet. Can you tell me how to adjust the formula in the balance column to account for a new column for AR? Once paid, I would put a line item in neg AR and positive Cash to move the dollar amount.

    • Louise, the system is profit-and-loss based. You can add an accounts receivable column to the far right, and not include it in the formulas, but to handle accounts receivable properly, you would be better off with a more sophisticated system.

  6. I have been using the 2013 version with excellent success, I am adding a small inventory of items I am making (manufacturing) and will have 3 to 5 parts to assemble. The newer version appears to be compressed or smaller in cell sizes, how can I increase cell size across the whole form?

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